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Chiemsee (GB)

Chiemsee (Bavaria / Germany)

A dockside with flexible possibilities ...

Steganlage Chiemsee

Fixed dockside

  • ORKA system founded on 12 m long piles
  • Covering: Bankirai
  • Accessories: Cleats and hook ups for electricity

This dockside belongs to a sailing club on the Chiemsee in Bavaria with more than 99 members and a corresponding number of sailboats. Our task was to restore the existing conditions with stability and in a new finish.

The challenge: the old piles were between 6 m and 10 m long. Therefore, we decided to do a geology to be able to deal accurately with the underground. Only then could we draw the correct static conclusions for the further work. As a result of the geology, all new piles were made in 12 m length.

The peculiarity: In contrast to motor boats sailboats can be navigated and be "parked" a bit more difficult on to the dock. In order to protect the boats from damage, we have coated the piles with a system developed by us. Thus, the sailors are gently guided into the stall partition when entering.

Fitting to the ORKA system, hook ups were attached, which were individually equipped according to customer requirements.

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