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ORKA Steganlagen Belag Holz

Coverings for your dockside

Take your pick: plastic corrugated boards // soft mats // stainless steel grates // thermowood corrugated boards

Plastic corrugated boards

With this construction-approved and biologically harmless material, it is possible to remain economical in the long term. Properties such as frost-proof, rot-proof, water-repellent, non-slip and recyclable are superior in our products!

  • glassreinforced plastic
  • international tried and tested in various construction areas
  • efficient and an environmental alternative to impregnated tropical woods
  • ideal material for zones of fluctuating water levels and earthwork
  • rot-proof and longer lasting then tropical woods
  • water repellent and frost resisting
  • resistant to insect, fungal and boring (Teredo Navalis)
  • recyclable – we guarantee to take the linings back and dispose them for you
  • unlimited in length (depending on the transport vehicle)

Soft mats

Indispensable for our rowers and canoeists. A surface that impresses with a pleasant barefoot feel and high resistance. Of course, soft mats are also gentle on their equipment.

Stainless steel grates / galvanized steel grates

Well suited for pier systems that have to contend with an unusual amount of bird droppings. We can deliver almost all sizes.

ORKA Steganlagen Belag Kunststoff

Thermowood corrugated boards

Thermowood corrugated boards are considered the ecological alternative to tropical woods. An additional thermal treatment makes for instance the ash more resistant to decay and pollution. This makes the material interesting for outdoor use. The life of the wood is about 30 years in our latitudes.


  • Optimal protection against moisture and wood pests
  • Reduces the risk of slipping on the dock
  • Does not wash out even with intensive water contact
  • The wax-impregnated wood lasts many years without additional protection

Tropical woods

Are wooden planks, which can consist of Belinga, Garappa or Bankirai and have a lifespan between 10 and 20 years.

ORKA Steganlagen Belag Holz

ORKA Steganlagen Belag Holz