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Fixed docksides

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Fixed docksides

Fixed docksides are probably the most traditional way of building docks.

Optimal Structures

The systems are firmly connected to the seabed and have the advantage that they can be made very narrow.

Widths of 1 m to 6 m and a load capacity of up to 500 kg / sqm are no problem. Large ranges can be implemented.

This optimizes the piling costs.

ORKA-Steganlagen: feste Stege
ORKA-Steganlagen: feste Stege

Wide variety

Most lakeside plots are located behind a dense reed belt, which can be up to 10m deep. A fixed bridge system is always the optimal and most cost-effective variant.

Behind the reed belt you have to decide again: small swimming area, I want to dock a boat or should the bridge become a terrace?

We are here for you with help and advice to decide.

Perfect Design and Realisation

See our references to gauge our quality standard.

The workmanship of our docksides is perfect. It starts with the vision, outline, professional planning, structural analysis, licensing and finish, which has no equal!

ORKA-Steganlagen: feste Stege