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ORKA-Steganlagen Planung

Planning expertise and competence for your safety.

Our service for planning offices, cities, communities and private building owner

Professional planning

Flexible docks, docksides, floating terraces, shore stabilization or lake stages are all construction projects which need licensing.

To be able to be at your side from idea to realization and completion with professional planning, structural analysis and licensing - an on the spot inspection is essential.

ORKA-Steganlagen: professionelle Planung
ORKA-Steganlagen: professionelle Planung

First Draft and consultation

In order to give all those involved in the construction a precise idea of the first project idea, we will draw up a draft and an initial cost estimate.

Only then will the planning and execution be discussed with the clients in a joint consultation, taking into account the local conditions and the planned investment volume.

Necessary Documents for Approval

The planning of your dock is carried out in permanent coordination with the relevant fishery, the waterway and shipping office and the environmental authority.

That way we can ensure that only correct papers and forms are submitted to the relevant authorities for licensing.

Structural analysis

For the structural realization of the docks static calculations with certificates are also needed. Proof of buoyancy and / or stability checks are the basis for this.

The certificate will be generated by an independently appointed engineer.