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Icefree dockside

Icefree dockside through icefree-mechanism


Frost is a given danger for the steel piles of your fixed dock. While freezing up and melting the movement of the ice is producing unwanted vibrations ...

Not with us!

ORKA Steganlagen Service Eisfrei Anlagen
ORKA Steganlagen Service Eisfrei Anlagen

Benefits that are convincing:

  • The system is installed concealed under the bridge
  • Large circular ice-free area at low cost
  • Melting of the surface even with thick ice thicknesses
  • Also usable with changing lowest water levels - ice-free
  • Manual switching to continuous operation
  • Operation via temperature control only in when needed
  • Warning in case of failure of the system by warning lights / via SMS or via warning sound possible
  • Lowest maintenance cost and 5 year warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Use in the summer months for garden irrigation possible
ORKA Steganlagen Service Eisfrei Anlagen