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Hook ups and fenders

Hook ups and fenders

Customised accessories.

Stegzubehör von ORKA

ORKA supply column BG-VS-1

Component M: Main distribution board on shore

Component V: Supply column on the bar

Module E: opposite the component V coupled socket

Module W: Supply column with water connection and hose holder

The ORKA supply column BG-VS-1 developed by us impresses with its robust construction of galvanised steel in a functional, timeless design.

Functionality as well as durability had the highest priority in the development of the assembly.

The BG-VS-1 can be individually equipped with various media and can therefore be used for any dock system. Decide for yourself how many consumers you supply via the column.

A water connection is also possible. With the offered hose holder, module W ensures a barrier-free and tidy footbridge system.

In the ORKA supply column, all elements are integrated into the column, no water tap or socket protrudes, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

Also unique is our Module E, which creates order on the jetty through concealed cable routing and easily extends a supply column for 4 boats.

Various accessories and adapters make the ORKA BG-VS-1 compatible with all connection points and common floor outlets.

In order to make the water and power supply at the jetty independent of personnel, we equip the columns with a payment panel on request.

Stegzubehör von ORKA

Stegzubehör von ORKA

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 940mm x 330mm x 150mm
  • very stable construction
  • Powder coating in all RAL colours possible
  • indirect lighting by 2 LED spots per column
  • up to 8 sockets per column possible: 4x column + 2x2 Module E
  • optional water connection
  • optional hose holder
  • rear bracket cleat for fastening boat and care lines

Stegzubehör von ORKA

Equipment options

BG-VS-1: Main power distributor, supply column with light and water, distribution boxes

Component V: Supply column with light and power

Component V + Module W: Supply column with light and water

Module E: Opposite junction box with power

  • LED path lighting integrated in the supply column, each with 2 LED spotlights, warm or cold light
  • Supply voltage 12V 1.2W / column
  • Automatic box IP 65 AK 24 for max 6 consumers
  • Menneke's TwinContact 16A IP 44 surface-mounted box suitable for through-wiring
  • Fi/LS switch 16A 1 pole protected
  • Alternating current meter electronic Display digital
  • Local meter reading via radio at least 12 pieces
  • Component M - Main power distributor on shore for star-shaped power supply, prepared for max. 6 x 6 berths ready equipped
  • Module E - double socket as additional supply unit, usually opposite the coupled supply column, to supply even more consumers and ensures that no cables cross the bar
  • Payment panel digital
  • Module W - Water connection with outlet tap and hose holder

Stegzubehör von ORKA

Stegzubehör von ORKA

See the capabilities.

  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA

Bound fender

The boat can gently dock. The fenders are firmly installed on the dock and cannot be moved, giving marinas a uniform picture.

The impact fenders are available in 3 hardnesses and in the dimensions 50 x 30 cm. Furthermore, there are various ways of attachment (front or rear mounting).

Stegzubehör von ORKA

Further examples

  • Stegzubehör von ORKA
  • Stegzubehör von ORKA