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Flexible docksides

ORKA-Steganlagen Schwimmstege

Flexible docksides

Flexible docks are the most modern variety of building docksides.

Versatile use

Flexible docksides are versatile. No matter if you want a simple dock in a boat shed, a private or public bath island, a party island with attachments or a floating pavilion - the right solution for your application will be found.

We have the technical capabilities to securely anchor a floating dock system to virtually any body of water.

ORKA-Steganlagen: flexible Schwimmstege
ORKA-Steganlagen: flexible Schwimmstege

Water Level fluctuations taken into account

Flexible docks have the advantage that you can always reach your boat / floating island despite large fluctuations of the water level.

When planning the system, it is necessary to pay close attention to minimum width, and also taking into account heeling, in order to ensure 100% stability.

Statics and more ...

Important services of our company are the precise calculation of the statics, creating proof of the stability of the dock with heeling and on request also the completion of the official certification for the client.

ORKA-Steganlagen: flexible Schwimmstege

Our maintenance-free concrete floats!

With our very weather-resistant and maintenance-free concrete floats, we offer you an alternative to floating bridges with plastic or aluminum floating bodies.

The low center of gravity of the concrete float is an advantage in free-floating systems because it has a positive influence on the stability against inclinations (kinking) and tilting. Concrete swimming bridges are characterized by high load capacity.

Due to their high weight and shape, the concrete floats have a dampening effect against waves. The wider a concrete float, the quieter it is in the water. Anchoring of floating pontoons with concrete floating bodies is accomplished with chains, ropes or on piles. As a result, the dock easily adapts to changing water levels.

The floating dock systems, which are made of environmentally friendly building materials, are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. In conjunction with our plastic corrugated planks, docks are almost indestructible.

The webs and anchoring systems require no special care and have an extremely long service life.

ORKA concrete floating bridges are certified according to DIN 1045-2 by the materials testing institute Berlin / Brandenburg and produced according to the regulation "Floating Land Bridges" with tested stability proof. For each ORKA concrete floating bridge individual static is calculated.

The pontoon construction method allows for a relatively short construction and assembly time. Concrete swimming bridges can be moved from one location to another without much effort.

In order to facilitate access to the concrete swimming bridge, we have developed an access bridge which, for your safety, can be equipped with a railing.

Our individual construction allows us to meet almost all your needs and requirements for your dock. From the simple concrete swimming bridge to reach the boats to the wellness oasis on the water, there are endless possibilities to design your dock!